Cool Like Me – Merry Christmas Edition

So it’s now Christmas Eve and also a High Five Friday! To commemorate, I’ve written up a Twelve Days of Christmas-inspired listing for this Follow Friday. Each of you has added something to my enjoyment of this year, and some of you have become friends that I truly cannot imagine no longer having in my life. To all of you (and to all those I most likely missed), I wish you the happiest of solstices, the merriest of Christmases, and a new year filled with whatever you want most out of this world. There will be highs and lows, but I consider all of you friends, and whatever happens, we’ll all get through it together. 🙂

The Twitter Days of Christmas

The following is what I find on Twitter . . .

A Partner in My Insanity

Two Twitter Loves
@KyleeLane @Toasterlicious

Three Good Friends
@RuthBeingRuth @Geeksoap @Rory_Lane

Four Awesome Nerds
@Geekleetist @PhysicistLisa @chibi_missy @theroseinbloom

Five Got the Zings
@missokistic @shamrockjulie @garwboy @Darnack71 @ms_stiletto

Six With The Typing
@GreatDismal @bruces @NeilHimself @DavidBrin1 @MargaretAtwood @peterstraubnyc

Seven Brains a-Brimming
@anjkan @iA @timoreilly @brainofjess @Anachronistic @RealityAmuck @StefanClaypool

Eight Dorks a-Dorking
@UberDorkGirlie @CapSteveRogers @amy_geek @ArkhamAsylumDoc @niellemc @nikkipoohf @professorsmind @fetfet50

Nine Thinkers Freeing
@briandgregory @cherryteresa @AndiWhiteberry @PaulFidalgo @yourmelody1 @BaltimoreGal @WongoWoman @TheUntamedShrew @Jamberta

Ten Folks a-Linking
@rob_sheridan @stevesilberman @EbertChicago @aliceinthewater @brainwise @DustyTrice @JoshKEvans @iboudreau @JackDeTate

Eleven Geeks a-Geeking
@basicallygeek @GeekyLyndsay @badlvillemojo @GeekShui @NicoleWakelin @teacher_geek @cmdrsue @mydwynter @chronicgeek @rabbitinski @bytemonkey

Twelve Tweeps I’m Bunching
@evil_bat_witch @megbutton @yourmark1 @monkeyXplosion @heavenlyfodder @pizzamonkey63 @LFSlimeball @dejrabel @markzero @charlies_aunt @chronicgeek @kristenmchugh22

. . . and to all a good night!



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