You have been given a stack of cash to start a restaurant. What type of restaurant do you start? What do you serve? What’s the decor like? Where is it located? What is the name of the restaurant?

Truly awesome question! I’ve given this some thought before and I think I would open a bistro-style place serving a small menu, but with dishes in a wide variety of styles.

One style of cooking seems too limiting to me. As much as possible, food would be locally sourced, sustainably grown/raised, and served with a simple presentation. I think the focus should be on the quality of ingredients and the techniques used in the preparation.

Would want a relaxed atmosphere – the kind of place you really want to go for a Sunday brunch, weekday dinner, or for drinks and snacks late at night on the weekends.

And probably one night a week, I’d want to do an evening devoted to experimenting. Molecular gastronomy, new techniques, new ingredients. Find out from patrons what they liked and what they didn’t.

As for location, it could be anywhere, but my goal would be something like relationship that Alice Waters’s restaurant Chez Panisse has with Berkeley and the surrounding area.

Finally… the name? That’s definitely the hardest part of this question! The Byrne Bistro? Bistro With Soul? The Geek Gourmet? Umm, yeah – probably will depend on location, my mood, and me making up my mind 😛

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