10 Ways To Celebrate @CthulhuChick’s Birthday

(2013 Revised Edition! *grin*)

In honor of Ruth’s (aka @cthulhuchick’s) birthday, I thought I’d put together a list of ways you can celebrate this momentous event.

1. Learn how to tell yourself yes. Hey, listen – life can sometimes be as bleak and desperate as being in an unairconditioned car on a DC Metro train in August while you’re surrounded by sweaty, lost tourists and angry commuters. You can go your whole life hearing “No” from other people, so take some time to tell yourself “Yes.” Yes, you can learn to be a GM. Yes, you can get a MLS degree while working full time. Yes, you can take time out for yourself and those you love. In short: Yes. It’s a pretty great word.

2. Read some Lovecraft! Seriously, you really should have done this already, so we’re letting you off easy with this one. And as Ruth is always one step ahead of the rest of us, she’s already provided the easiest way to do it — just download from here and start reading already!

3. Enjoy the light by never losing sight of the darkness. Many folks think that being “happy” means ignoring the hurts and pains life throws your way. One of the many things I admire about Ruth is her ability to not shy away from those things, and I think by embracing them as truly being part of herself, her happiness is a truer, more authentic thing.

4. Begin to worship her as a deity. What to do if you’re already worshiping Ruth as a deity? Well, than you need to have a high priestess to ensure the rituals are kept and practiced correctly and that the offerings and sacrifices are performed. But you don’t want just anyone off the street — this is an important job! Personally, my wife and I decided it was best to procreate and have our daughter be our High Priestess of Ruth. The young high priestess is well along in her training and already firmly believes that Ruth makes all sorts of things, like clouds.

My daughter (a.k.a Thing2) several years ago with her first Cthluhu (named “Clue”)

5. Game on. Whether it be an RPG or some Mass Effect — or anything else really — play some games. Done by youself, it can help relieve stress and provide an outlet for frustrations. When done with other people, you can make friends or maybe just make better friendships.

6. If you are of a persuasion to appreciate it, spend a few minutes in quiet meditation and contemplation over this: bit.ly/dropthetowel. If you are an overlapping or different persuasion, do the same with this picture.

7. Give gifts that show some thought behind them. Through Ruth, both my children have had their horizons expanded just by knowing her. But for my daughter especially, Ruth in her role as “Elder Godmother” has bestowed a number of gifts that took my daughter’s imagination to new and interesting places. The gifts themselves are very nice, but the thought and love evident in them is what makes them special.

Ruth; gift-giving
Ruth giving Thing2 a present for her 5th birthday. Thing2 proceeded to rope all of her family into playing many multiple times (and we’ve had a ball doing it) 🙂

8. Support a library, a comic book shop, or some other endangered home of awesomeness. As homes of esoteric and arcane knowledge, this is just a good idea to begin with but these types of place also serve as places of worship for all things Ruth.

9. Enjoy and share whatever you’re geeky about. Above all else, this sums Ruth up as well as anything, and whether it’s SPAAAAAAAAAACE!, archiving old books, playing games, Cthulhu, reading both bad and good fanfic, or some lesser amusement, half the fun should be in sharing it with others.

10. Every day try and find something cute (usually a dog works well in this role, though bats, llamas, and bunnies are all acceptable), something weird (with Ruth, this really can be almost anything), and/or something you’re not even quite sure how to categorize. Push your boundaries. Explore. Then come back to Twitter and let us know what you found. 😀

Extra bonus points: Plan a trip to Innsmouth

Or if you prefer, simply wish her a happy birthday . . . but with all these other options, that just seems kind of lame.

Extra, Extra bonus points: Write a silly blog post about her birthday.



4 Replies to “10 Ways To Celebrate @CthulhuChick’s Birthday”

  1. Dear Jason, you made my day. I have been trying to come up with a good comment to thank-you, besides the message I sent. All I can say is that I adore this post. ❤ (and your whole family)

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