Teleprompters and DeadWoodPulp-prompters? There was one Republican who wouldn’t have cared.

I see Fox News is trumpeting that “Condoleeza Rice Did Speech Without Teleprompter” …umm, so “JOBS!” then? They admit she did it from “notes” (aka the papers on the lectern in front of her…which is, you know, just a DeadWoodPulp-prompter)

This is the level of political discourse and “journalism” that the fate of our country now hangs on. According to this mindset, who ever reads what predigested pap in which overly-scripted and overly produced pageant best wins I guess.

And evidently it’s a severe point deduction to read off a teleprompter, or really to make any prepared remarks that smack of coherence. You know, like a certain president did, on the back of an envelope, when he wrote a speech of just ten sentences that helped define what it means to be an American.

One has to wonder how the current GOP would castigate Lincoln for daring to write down prepared remarks for just a two minute speech.


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