Cool Like Me

New this week (October 15): . . .and that’s how I escaped the Nazi frogmen and changed the course of history forever. What? What happened to all that text I’d written? Damn it, I was just explaining why I haven’t been updating for the past month or so and it suddenly all disappeared! Oh well, it the story would have probably bored you all anyway.

Few big changes – numerous updates to the lists to reflect the actual lists on Twitter, this will now be a permanent page as opposed to a post – allowing anyone to link to it permanently if they want, and the introduction of a new features “Tweeter of the Week.” The Tweeter of the Week will most likely be someone I’ve just started following whom I haven’t decided how to list yet but made a great first impression or someone I’ve been following for awhile who spent the week reminding me why I followed/listed them ๐Ÿ™‚

Also considering moving the blog over to a hosted WP solution — would like some flexibility and the ability to create some extra tools, most notably to handle the ridiculous amount of coding I have to do to get to sit-up, beg, and roll-over. So more changes hopefully in score! If you have any suggestions – just let me know!

Already know what this is all about? Go ahead and skip down to the lists.


So what’s so cool about me? Honestly I have no idea, but I do follow some really cool people on Twitter, and perhaps I can simply bask in their Cool-Glo (available in the gift shop)(The gift shop is a lie).

Like many, I love the idea of #FollowFriday on Twitter, but as I follow some truly wonderful people and 140 characters isn’t ever enough to adequately describe their awesomeness, I need to find a better solution. So rather than trying to shoe-horn it in (if you don’t know what a shoe-horn is, go ask your dad . . . I’ll wait. Okay, got it? Excellent!), or try to put them all in a list, I thought I’d do it here and update from week to week as appropriate. And it’s not just the lists of Twitter accounts, but includes links, pictures, and explanations of why I follow them (at least for the first couple lists — hey, it’s a work in progress!). Why? Because evidently just the fact that I follow them isn’t enough for some of you ungrateful louts! Ooops, forgot to take my meds again . . . sorry about that.

I’ll was going to try and put everyone in groups that made sense, so that if you’re interested in politics or design, you could see the people to follow to be cool like me, or at least bask in Cool-Glo (it helps if, like me, you have a high albedo). However, so many of them fall into so many groups I had to go back and rethink this. [50% of the reason this wasn’t finished this past Friday as intended — other 50%? I won’t say I’m lazy . . . I will say motivationally challenged though]. Anyway, decided to stick with the groups to some degree in very broad terms, and just let the blurbs on each speak for themselves. Don’t worry, you’re smart, I’m sure you can figure it out. Oh, and they’re listed alphabetically because I’m a slave to the man. (The man or rather men being Mr. Merriam and Mr. Webster of course)

The lists below now match my list on Twitter, and there are links next to each title to take you to them, and if you choose to, you can just follow the whole list and get updated as I update this content. Enjoy!

My Tweep of the Week!

Rory_Lane @Rory_Lane Husband to the ever impressive @KyleeLane — this might be enough for some men. They’d be content to simply sit back and enjoy life. But is that good enough for Rory? Evidently not. In addition to having become Kylee’s “Assistant Soap Dealer,” he’s taken on some special soap molding challenges. What does that mean? It means he designed the mold for the latest Luxury Lane masterpiece: The Companion Cube Soap. Now I’ve never met Rory, and haven’t even talked with him really, but I now consider this man like a brother to me — I mean it’s a Companion Cube Soap!!!! Go look at it — I’ll wait. See? What did I tell you?ย  . . . and that’s why he’s My Tweep of the Week.

Just Generally The Coolest People on the Planet [Follow this list]

These folks are so fricking awesome, special safety precautions must be undertaken before looking at their Twitter feeds. Don’t believe me? Follow them and find out for yourself. If you’re not satisfied, well I do have a 100% Money Back Guarantee (not currently valid on this plane of existence or New Jersey). I take no responsibility if you don’t take aforementioned safety precautions though — side-effects may include impaired vision in your inner third eye, time travel, and a sudden interest in the vocalizations of grues.

anjkan @anjkan Okay, so imagine like the most down-to-earth person you know. Now imagine the most intelligent, and then the most interesting. Combine all three of those and she’s what you get. Cool beyond cool, nice beyond nice. And evidently she likes Guaranรก. Oh, and she takes the most wonderful photos and posts wonderful stuff.
geekleetist @GEEKLEETIST One of the founders of the family, he’s a dude’s dude and an artist’s artist. Creator of epic #Hi5s such as this and that. Oh, and quite possibly the funniest man in all of Utah ๐Ÿ˜‰
geeksoap @geeksoap Extremely talented soap maker (and nicest person in just about the whole world) whose creations are geeky, fun, stylized bits of awesome. Need more convincing – check out this insanely great idea: Baththulhu / Cthulhu Bath Mitt released! Another one of the founders of the family, Lesley makes great soap but she also makes a great friend ๐Ÿ˜‰
KatMByrne @KatMByrne Wife to me, mother to our children, numbers guru to @KyleeLane, is there nothing this woman can’t do? You think it’s difficult to put up with my eclectic stream-of-consciousness on Twitter? Pffft! She’s been doing it in person for more than 17 years. Follow her and probably offering of condolences would not be out of the question.
kyleelane @KyleeLane She’s like my sister, my partner-in-crime, and my muse all rolled up in one. And some day she will make me a pie. She also makes the coolest damn soap in the universe! And here’s my geeky little hoard of some of her soap. Oh, and along with @geeksoapand @GEEKLEETIST, Kylee is a founder of the family and the one responsible for letting me design their logo, which I’m still tickled about!
PhysicistLisa @PhysicistLisa Lisa held a contest for my birthday, which was like the nicest thing ever! Lisa is as unbelievably exciting as a headline from the Weekly World News! Her bio: A lover of math, physics, video games, uranium, dinosaurs, hockey, beer, snowboarding, and board games. expect tweets about all those things.
ruthbeingruth @ruthbeingruth Larval librarian, @toasterlicious‘ heterosexual life partner (#HeLP), and just an intelligent, funny, and extremely nice geek. Her bio: Blogger. Geek. (Whedonite.) Crafter. Librarian-in-training. Why I follow: because I would be an idiot not to! I mean come on! As perfectly summed up by @nerdsherpa “She writes stuff on the internet, likes all the best in sci fi television, plays RPGs and crochets Cthulus” (as shown here w/ my daughter). ‘Nuff said!
shamrockjulie @shamrockjulie My partner in #ToWoDo (Total World Domination) is one of the forces of light in a dark and dangerous universe — um, wait or was that a force of darkness in a light and insipid universe? Well, either way, she rocks and you should follow her. I believe her ultimate happiness would be some sort of DS9/LOST crossover that included midgets, unicorns, and drag queens — and did not take place near live-fire exercises.
toasterlicious @toasterlicious Along with Kylee, Jess is my #MUPS (Made-Up Pseudo-Sibling). I really enjoy embarrassing her, especially as she is also so very Starbuckian. All that said, she is geekier than I am, a better writer than I am, and is currently giving graduate school what for. Don’t forget to follow her very gifted and outspoken brain @brainofjess or her @geekboobs — really if you follow all three of them I promise it will start making sense eventually! Extra bonus points if you tweet at her in Old English

Most Gracious and Grandest Geeks In The Galaxy [Follow this list]

My brothers and sisters in geek (though to be fair that does describe 99% of all of you all anyway, but trust me – these folks are delightfully geeky)

amy_geek @amy_geek Her bio: Geek. Blogger. Writer. Swoons for costumes, DnD, Star Wars, Whedon, good comics, and BSG. Sorta kinda photographer. Why I follow: umm, hello, well for one, she pointed me at this: . Favorite recent tweet: “I figured out my Han pants last night. That is not a sentence you get to say every day. #StarWars #costumes”
Anachronistic @Anachronistic So I was sort of introduced to him through my #MUPS @toasterlicious. He’s a web developer and author, and in addition to living in the same general area, we seem to enjoy a healthy dislike for stupid people, and evidently doors. My favorite recent tweet of his: “How hard is it to not feed a Gremlin after midnight? Have you ever shoved food in a pet’s mouth at 3am because, you know, why the hell not?
ArkhamAsylumDoc @ArkhamAsylumDoc So her bio says: Psychologist, scientist, snarky geekgirl. And you can get an idea what she’s about over here. Favorite recent tweet: “Hey guy at bar, if you’re going to tell me you’re into sci-fi, you better know your stuff.” And yes, she definitely knows her stuff!
BadAstronomer @BadAstronomer If you are a geek or a nerd, chances are you’re already following; but just in case here’s his bio from his blog on Phil Plait, the creator of Bad Astronomy, is an astronomer, lecturer, and author. After ten years working on Hubble Space Telescope and six more working on astronomy education, he struck out on his own as a writer. He has written two books, dozens of magazine articles, and 12 bazillion blog articles. He is a skeptic, and fights misuses of science as well as praising the wonder of real science.
basicallygeek @basicallygeek One of the nicest and coolest geeks around, he’s what I like to call a polygeek – comics, Fringe, LoTR, etc. If you like getting your geek on, you’ll like him! Favorite recent tweet “Hmm I have Mozart’s Lacrymosa stuck in my head. That can’t be good.
bonniegrrl @bonniegrrl Her bio: Author, sci-fi/horror geek, Editor/Writer at – Lucasfilm, see also @Starwars. Favorite recent tweet: “@CraigyFerg: Congrats on spawning! If you need baby name ideas may I suggest Bonzai, Frak or Chewbacca?” Oh, and she has my undying love and devotion for informing me of the existence of Bacon & Chocolate-covered Oreos!!!
CapSteveRogers @CapSteveRogers He’s sorta creepy according to some, but he’s got your basic full complement of geek super powers, but most importantly, he’s my fellow torturer of @toasterlicious, so he’s like doubly cool in my book. Oh, and did I mention he has a harem AND is going to Comic Con? Don’t you feel inadequate now?
chibi_missy @chibi_missy What a delightful tweep! Nerdy geeky gamer goodness. Favorite recent tweet: “Seriously, how do you NOT realize that this girl has EARS and she’s a BLOOD ELF with the Night Elf? Uuugh.”
Drewmega @Drewmega Writer for Also Co-Host of The Cushion, a plus size radio show. Favorite recent tweet “I just realized i have ALL of ST:DS9 saved on one of my hard drives….i need to look for it!!!”
garwboy @garwboy His bio: Doctor of Neuroscience, Comedian, Human. Writer of the ‘…from Science’ letters <– yep, he’s like a King of the Geeks and he’s damn funny, so follow him. It will increase your endorphins, or inhibit the uptake of serotonin or something. He’s a stupidity-antagonist and neurons will be happy, that’s the important thing.
geekgirldiva @geekgirldiva You don’t have enough cool geek stuff. The others are laughing about you behind your back. Well, I say screw ’em; but then start following her and I promise it will be okay. Really, she’s got you covered. Be sure to check out her recent post on Blizzard’s real name requirement for forums — it’s a wonderful #truthbat upside their heads ๐Ÿ™‚
GeekShui @GeekShui His bio: Self-Verified, Founder & Editor of Geek Shui Living, IT/INFOSEC Professional, Vociferous Twitterer. Reason I follow: The dude’s gracious and knows his geek. Oh, and he runs one of the most interesting tech news blogs I’ve run across EVER (
jeffisageek @jeffisageek Great all around geek and my Lego minifig brother-in-arms (check out his Twitter page background). His bio: blogger. podcaster. geek. check my blogs out at and
justag33k @justag33k Very nice guy and he finds some of the best geeky visuals out there. Plus, I really dig his avatar and believe this needs to be an actual TV show.
kristenmchugh22 @kristenmchugh22 One of those great folks who is both an epic liberal AND an epic geek! My favorite recent tweet of hers: “I really need @thinkgeek‘s bad of holding, but lining up the stuff I would put in it, – it’s mostly books. And a Harry Potter Lunch box.
L33tM0nk3y @L33tM0nk3y You ever have one of those moments where you go “How have I not been following this person?” Well, I’m guessing she causes those kinds of moments in others all the time. And as seen on her YouTube Channel, she could also be featured under my ‘Makers of Music’ category — you owe it to yourself to check it out. She’s awesome!
megbutton @megbutton One of the few people I actually pay attention to when they talk about social media. Her bio: I’m an interactive designer in Toronto (go Leafs go) LIKES: social media, iphone, advertising, technology, music, hockey, boat parties DISLIKES: Charlie Sheen
NicoleWakelin @NicoleWakelin Geek girl who makes me giggle. Oh, and blogs wonderfully over at, but really just following for the giggles, and the fact she’s going to complain to Ferrari and get us both cars <– really only fair as I sent her cookies after all ๐Ÿ˜‰
niellemc @niellemc Geek. Belly dancer.Whedonist. Graphic/web designer. Favorite recent tweet “I’d like to see a musical episode of #Supernatural. Who’s with me? “So, you’re a good demon? Bringin the fun in?” #BuffyCrossover
nikkipoohf @nikkipoohf Another wonderful Wash DC tweep! My favorite recent tweet “Wonder if family would notice if I made the meatloaf in the shape of the Galileo? #startrek” She’s a fan of Star Trek, Dune, and pretty much all things geek.
PhineasDelgado @PhineasDelgado As demonstrated in his featured profile on that little slice of geek craft heaven (, what we’ve got here is one of my favorite kinds of geeks — geek writers. In that he both writes about geeking and geeks about writing. Read this excellent example of his work over in his series How Science Fiction Failed Us.
professorsmind @professorsmind A robust hybrid of language & literature geek with sci-fi geek. Follow him, go read his blog, and if you have any questions about what he’s all about, check out the “Introductions” page on his blog.
raduboncea @raduboncea His bio really does better about explaining why you should follow him than I ever could: programmer,pythonist,java,C,erlang noob,layer 4-5,tech geek,system engineer,blogger,apple fan,cloud computing otaku,datacenter,datagrid,hitech gadgeteer,father
StefanClaypool @StefanClaypool My favorite recent tweet “Anyone who says they wouldn’t want to drive the zamboni is either a liar or a robot. Or a lying robot.” (Strangely, all my face tweets of his involve robots *shrugs*) His bio: Geek, Middlebury alum, and aspiring novelist. Possibly also a super villain.
TB5918 @TB5918 His bio: 501st Legion member, Star Wars geek, movie nut, oddball, geocacher, etc. The life I lead would even make a dead man yawn. Or cry. Or sneeze. Side effects vary. Why I follow: do you really need to ask? Really? Look at his avatar. If you wouldn’t follow him, you’re either not a geek or from some hive of villainy and scum. Favorite recent tweet: “Forget regular TiVo, what I really want is one that can record my dreams…
teacher_geek @teacher_geek She’s a teacher, a geek, a lover of Star Wars Bacon, and has a great blog. Follow her. Now. Do it.
UberDorkGirlie @UberDorkGirlie The force behind UberDork Cafe! Her bio: 91%UberDork+9%Troublemaker+1%CrazyCatLadyInTraining=100% Natali. Will knit 4 tattoos. CoHost 4 @ThePowerGeeks wkly podcast! Dorkreprenuer & Proud Waspi Girl!

Examples of Extraordinary Excellence in Ethereal Entertainment [Follow this list]

Looking to make Twitter more interesting? Then follow these fine folks. They’ll make you think, laugh, or possibly pull something out of something or maybe put it back, can’t quite remember at the moment, but trust me, it will be epic!

AndreaFitch @AndreaFitch We actually went to school together back many, many years ago, and unfortunately did not know each other that well. I say “unfortunately” because she’s smart, funny, and a genuinely kind soul and that would have made school seem much more bearable. Namaste.
kbyrne91 @kbyrne91 First of all, his last name is Byrne, so he’s automatically cool like me even though he’s no relation. His bio: Writer. Editor. Illustrator. News Junkie. Part-time insomniac. Amateur Thesp. Film Fanatic. Humorist. Rock ‘n Rolla. Dogman. Husband. My bio of him: fun to follow (and he often has amusing chats with Rosanne Cash – more on her later)
heavenlyfodder @heavenlyfodder His bio: Doing my part to support the noise contingent of the signal-to-noise ratio. Reason I follow: He’s damn funny. Favorite recent tweet: “I think they prefer to be called “Tea Partiers” RT @KeithOlbermann: K I L L E R M O N K E Y S ! ! ! ! ! ! !
jackdaw841 @jackdaw841 General amusing weirdness and releases great quotes back into the wild, where they can roam free. Oh, and he MAY be as big a fan of Douglas Adams as I am. . . but I doubt it ๐Ÿ˜‰
markzero @markzero His bio: food, film, photos. network engineer with economics degree, currently at leisure. Co-located in Lake Highlands (Dallas) also. To me, he’s a fellow geek and if recent tweets are any indication, he has a deep and abiding love of AT&T Wireless. Umm, scratch that — supposed to be “loathing of” — my mistake!
TedInJest @TedInJest If you need a laugh, he’s the pun for you! Always there clogging up my feed with his damn word play, and thank goodness for that. His bio: I love jokes, especially if they involve humor or wit. Fan of Conan-Leno feud & TheEllenShow. Work in publishing. Movies. Music. Disney. Books. I follow back!
TheUntamedShrew @TheUntamedShrew Ended up on her Twitter doorstep through following her partner-in-Twitter-crime @anjkan. Her bio: conservationist, creative, volatile, melancholy, imaginative, analytical, curious, verbose, sarcastic, headstrong vagabond. Frequently annoyed about something. My favorite recent tweet: “Hello. Quantum leaps are very small. VERY SMALL. Geddit? No, you – you with the keyboard…will you stop saying that already?! Gah!”
tomupton33 @tomupton33 His bio: Author of the young adult novel Just Plain Weird and the Teen Tales e-book series. Always looking for the bright side– even when there isn’t any. Why I follow: Again, another great source of quotes, and somehow the right one always seems to hit at the right moment, just when I need it. I suspect him of spying on me for just that reason, but follow him anyway. I’m sure he can’t spy on ALL of us, right?
Walo3 @Walo3 Does your feed need more Manchester United-related tweets and stuff like the following “I made it home drunk again. I’ll be in jail soon. Don’t worry.” and “If I had choose between kissing a hot girl on the lips or the mouth and a jet pack…I would choose a jet pack.“? I didn’t think so either, but the man lays it all out there and I laugh my ass off.
WongoWoman @WongoWoman Her bio: Bio Musician, Teacher, Blogger, Free Thinker, Humanist, Sarcasm lover. Why I follow: Smart. Funny. Says all the funny stuff I’d say about stuff except she beats me to it. Yeah, she pretty much rocks.

I apologize to those below, as I’m a lazy bastard who hasn’t given you the full treatment yet, if you know what I mean . . . nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Be sure to follow them anyway, as they are still so awesome that special precautions are still needed. Don’t expose their tweets to bright lights, don’t get their tweets wet, and no matter what you do, don’t feed their tweets after midnight. You’ve been warned!

Craftiest Crafters, Artsy Artists, Makers of Cool [Follow this list]

As my crafting and artistic skills are limited to projects involving macaroni and glitter, people with actual talent keep me humble and wowed. Along with folks like GEEKLEETIST, KyleeLane, geeksoap, and UberDorkGirlie, follow the folks below to see what creativity can lead to when it’s not involved with beating a murder rap, lying to the IRS, or something else not involved with crafting beauty out of the mundane and calling forth art from nothingness.

The Free Thinkers, Heathens, Non-Theists, Light-hearted Leftists, Social Scientists, and Mensch Moderates [Follow this list]

A.k.a If I piss you off, these people probably will to. Funny, irreverent, and engaging, these are folks who I think on some level share a passion and curiosity about the world.

The Sultans and Songbirds of Snark [Follow this list]

Oh yeah, you’re sarcastic enough to be compared to these folks. Sure you are.

The Mental Magnifiers(Those Who Bring Me Knowledge, Joy, Beauty, Inspiration, Wisdom, or Just Cool-Stuff-I-Always-Wanted to Know) [Follow this list]

People I absolutely don’t agree with on many things, but enjoy talking to anyway

Be nice to them. There’s only the two of them. If you follow them and you’re like me, you will grit your teeth about 75% of the time, but they’re both nice people who just happen to be wrong sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚ and nothing will ever change if we can’t at least listen to one another.

The Makers of Music [Follow this list]

This list needs to be greatly expanded, but until then, I will highlight the best musical tweeters! Rest of ’em are all crap anyway I’m sure. Not only do I love the music these folks make, but following their tweets is an entertainment all in its own.

Some of the Best Writers on the Planet [Follow this list]

Note: Sadly as far as I can discover, Stephen King isn’t on Twitter, and neither is Neal Stephenson, John Varley, or L.E. Modesitt Jr., and of course you may have heard what problems Douglas Adams has had connecting to Twitter from whatever plane of existence he currently occupies (I’m guessing it’s somewhere nice, where he can enjoy a proper cup of tea and perhaps a lemur or two gamboling about). While I admire all of them tremendously as writers, King and Stephenson would never be able to handle the 140 character limitation, and Modesitt probably doesn’t see the point and I know Varley believes it’s a huge waste of time. Douglas Adams however would have dearly loved Twitter and honestly its a medium perfectly suited to him, as he would have been able to endlessly ignore deadlines, which according to some was his principle talent.

Twitter’s Next Best Things [Follow this list]

One of the things that I truly didn’t expect on Twitter was to enjoy the parody accounts so much. There’s something about the combination of the 140-character limit, the timeliness possible with tweets. and what seems to me a high bar for funny that makes these accounts an enjoyable part of my feed. I only hope someday I could run a fake or spoof account!

Favorite Non-evil entities (or at least only a little evil) [Follow this list]

These are generally either companies I strongly believe in or admire greatly. All of them are worth following.

Lists Currently Underdevelopment:

  • News sources that don’t suck

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